Saying hello: give someone a thumbs up with our ‘like’ feature

Do you want to tell one your matches that you like something about their profile but you’re not quite ready to write them a message? Perhaps their photo has captured your attention? Or you’re impressed by their taste in literature? With our very own ‘like’ feature it’s really straightforward to let other members know that you’re taken by one of their characteristics.

Using the “like” feature

Thankfully, you don’t have to be too much of an internet buff to understand how a ‘like’ feature works. In many respects, our ‘like’ function is very similar to those you may have used on other social networking websites. However, ours is different in that it's only public in so far as an EliteSingles premium member can see when the person they've been matched with has elements of their profile 'liked'

Part of what makes EliteSingles so unique is our fastidious approach to matchmaking. We’ve spent a great deal of time honing the algorithm we use to pair you with prospective partners.

Upon registration with us, you’re also required to fill in an extensive personality test which gives us a much more refined idea of your specific dating preferences. These two elements combined enable us to send you 3-7 high quality matches every day. Why not use the ‘like’ feature as a way to reach out to someone you’ve been matched with today!

Using our ‘like’ feature couldn’t be simpler. In fact, it’s activated by way of an effortless click! Under each profile photo and every text entry is where you’ll find the ‘like’ button. By clicking it you can express that you’re fond of the information or the pictures another member has displayed on their profile. If you do choose to ‘like’ an element of their page, they’ll receive a notification that you’ve shown interest in them.

Find out if you’re likeable

Crucially, it’s not all one-way traffic with our like feature. Just as you can ‘like’ the profiles of members you’ve matched with, people who’ve been paired with you can like your page too. As well as receiving a message when someone has liked part of your profile, you’re also able to manually check which member it was and what it is they’ve enjoyed.

Seeing who has clicked the ‘like’ button on your profile is easy. For example, under your profile photo you should be able to view a message that reads “5 people like your profile photo”. By clicking on the number (in this case the “5”) you’ll be able to see the name, age, location of each member that’s liked your photo. What’s more, you can quickly jump to their profile by following hitting the “view profile” button next to their information. 

Private likes

Just to clarify, and avoid any potential misunderstandings, it is worth noting that our ‘like’ function is entirely exclusive to our dating site – moreover, it’s not linked to any other social networks. If you ‘like’ an aspect of someone’s profile, it is only visible on EliteSingles; it’s completely separate from your Facebook account, or similar sites for that matter.

Are you ready to see your matches and to get liking? Why not give it a go today?

If you’ve got any further questions about dating, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at editorial@elitesingles.co.nz. For more technical help concerning any issue you may have with your profile or with other EliteSingles features, please contact our customer care team via this link.