Romantic getaways: 10 tips for acing your first holiday together

couple on their first holiday together

Kiwi EliteSingles members are keen travellers who love it when others share that passion (in fact, travelling took first place in our recent study about attractive hobbies).¹ So, if your relationship has begun on our site, chances are you’ll have several romantic getaways in your future.

But how can you ensure that your first holiday together is a winner? Turns out, it’s easy, especially when you know the rules! Here are 10 dos and don’ts that ensure your romantic getaways will end in romantic bliss (and not the travelling blues).

1. Successful romantic getaways need good foresight

DO: Choose somewhere you’ve never been

One the most rewarding things about taking that first holiday together is creating amazing memories as you go. That’s why it’s so important to plan ahead and pick a place neither of you has been before; place you can discover side by side and make it yours.

DON’T: Choose the place you went with the ex

Whatever you do, don’t book a holiday at a place you enjoyed with your ex. As romantic no-nos go, this is a biggie. You’ll find yourself dogged by old memories of your last love, while your new partner will feel like they have to compete. It’s hardly very romantic!

2. Set the right mood

DO: Start as you mean to continue

Who said the holiday has to wait for the destination? Truly romantic getaways are all about indulging yourselves from the start. Flying? Order some drinks and cosy up for an in-flight movie date. Driving? Have the ultimate Kiwi road trip, complete with music and multiple stops for ice-cream, fish and chips and to take in the breathtaking views.

DON’T: Let travel stress mar your first holiday together

With flights to catch and hotels to book, travel can be stressful at the best of times. Add in a new partner (whom you’re trying to impress) and things can get fraught, fast. Avoid this stress by being prepared: double check flight times, passports and all other holiday essentials well ahead of time.

3. Find a balance with your holiday plans

DO: Listen to each other’s itinerary ideas

Here’s the thing about romantic getaways. Sometimes you just won’t agree about what activities you want to do. A big part of that first holiday together is working out how to compromise so that you both enjoy the break. The best way to do this? Take turns choosing the plans.

DON’T: feel you have to spend the whole time together

You want to read on the beach, they’re chomping at the bit for a morning surf and you just can’t agree on one activity. Thankfully, this doesn’t spell romantic getaway doom: it’s actually healthy to spend time apart on holiday. And, when you see each other again you’ll be refreshed and ready for more romance!

4. Know that you’ll be O.K. if things go wrong

DO: Prepare for minor hiccups

Sunburn, blisters and getting hopelessly lost are not what you want during your first holiday together. Avoid them by being prepared: a few extra bandaids in your luggage can go a long way to preserving the holiday mood. It’s the practical side of romance!

DON’T: Despair if things do go wrong

Of course, all romantic getaways have moments when plans go wonky. The only thing you can do is to laugh if you can. That case of food poisoning might be horrible now but, years from now, it may just become one of your favourite couple-stories. Remember that sometimes it’s the unconventional moments that make the biggest impression.

5. Create the best memories you can

DO: Indulge in a cheesy souvenir or touristy photo

Ultimately, your first holiday together should be all about creating memories. Make sure to encourage them by indulging your partner: buy them a small souvenir that will remind them of your trip or take a special photo that you’ll both treasure for years to come.

DON’T: Spend the whole time on your cellphone

Of course, you don’t want to be so busy recording the memories that you forget to be there in the moment! A quick photo here and there is fine – just don’t spend hours crafting the perfect shot. You are here for the holiday in front of you, not the image on the camera!

And, ultimately, perhaps that is the biggest tip for romantic getaways. Be in the moment. Your life back at home can wait. What matters is the two of you and the time you are spending on this first holiday together.

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EliteSingles editorial August 2015.

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1. According to an anymous study of 40,000 Kiwi EliteSingles members, travel is the hottest hobby someone can have. Read more about the study here.


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