New study: Kiwi men more baby-crazy than Kiwi women

Just in time for Father’s Day, a new large-scale study of 44,000 single New Zealanders has revealed something interesting: Kiwi men are, on average, broodier than Kiwi women.

  • 40% of single NZ men definitely want children
  • Only 38% of single women feel the same
  • Women are also more likely than men to say no to the idea of kids
  • The broodiest city in the country is Opotiki, in the Bay of Plenty
  • Singles from Alexandra in Otago are the most likely to NOT want kids

The large-scale study, which was carried out by dating site EliteSingles, analysed anonymous, randomly selected data from 44,000 single New Zealanders aged 18-45. The analysis paid attention to one particular question: Do you want to have children? Participants were required to answer yes, no, or maybe – which allowed the EliteSingles researchers to cross-check the data against gender and location and determine the facts about who wants babies in NZ.

Men, women, and the baby question

Interestingly, and contrary to popular stereotype, it’s actually Kiwi men who are the cluckier gender. While 40% of men said that they would definitely like to have children, only 38% of women feel the same way. What’s more, 18% of women insist that they do not want children, while just 11% of men would say no to the idea of kids.

So, where in NZ should you go if you want to meet a broody single? If it’s a baby-mad man you’re after, then try Wellsford near Auckland– it’s a town where 58% of single men want kids. The broodiest women can be found in Waikanae, near Wellington, where 53% of single women are sure that they want a baby.

The most baby-crazy cities in New Zealand

However, when it comes to overall broodiness, Opotiki in the Bay of Plenty takes first prize. In this beachside town, 52% of singles definitely want to have children – a far higher percentage than the national average of 39%!

Opotiki might lead the pack, but there are of course other places in New Zealand where the singles have babies on the brain. In fact, study also determined NZ’s top 10 baby-mad cities:

NZ’s 10 most baby-crazy cities:*

  1. Opotiki (52%)
  2. Balclutha (48%)
  3. Tuakau (47%)
  4. Dargaville (46.5%)
  5. Taupo (46%)
  6. Dannevirke (45.5%)
  7. Timaru (45%)
  8. Wellington (45%)
  9. Cromwell (44.5%)
  10. Queenstown (44%)

* % refers to the percentage of singles who say yes to wanting children

What about the Kiwis who don’t want kids?

Of course, not every single person dreams of tiny socks and 3am feedings and, indeed, the study also uncovered the least baby-crazy cities in New Zealand.

Ahead of the pack was Alexandra, where 23% of singles would say no to the idea of having children – a relatively high percentage, given that the national ‘no’ average is 14%! Alexandra was joined in the no-baby camp by the following cities:

NZ’s 5 least baby-crazy cities:*

  1. Alexandra (23%)
  2. Waipukurau (22%)
  3. Katikati (21.5%)
  4. Hawera (19%)
  5. Rolleston (19%)

* % refers to the percentage of singles who say no to wanting children

For more on this study, including the reveal of the most indecisive city in NZ (at least where babies are concerned) please see our full report

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