Online dating advice for women: 5 tips that work!

Dating advice for women in search of love online - five tips designed to help Kiwi women take the fast road to romantic success.

Romantic love songs: 25 of the world’s greatest love tunes

Valentine’s Day just wouldn’t be the same without an appropriately romantic soundtrack. That’s why we’ve created a carefully selected Spotify® playlist featuring 25 of the world's greatest love songs. From the sweetly romantic to the lovingly joyful, this music is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Love at the movies: New Zealand's 10 most beloved rom-coms

We asked 200 Kiwi members of EliteSingles to pick their favourite rom-coms; with their help we've narrowed it down to a top 10. Presenting NZ's 10 most beloved rom-coms of all time – with video clips of our favourite scenes!

Online dating? First message dos and dont's

When online dating, first messages can be tricky. EliteSingles found the four tricks that can help you to improve your messaging skills and find online dating success.

Terms of endearment: the state of romance in New Zealand

Are you a babe, a honey or a darling? You've got one of New Zealand's favourite pet names! Our new survey has uncovered the top term of endearment in each part of the country: discover if your ideal cute nickname made the cut.

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How to encourage emotional intimacy in your relationship

Emotional intimacy is often touted as the essential tool to building a happy, healthy, committed partnership. But what is it exactly? And how can you encourage it in your relationships?

Dealing with a breakup: fix your broken heart

Dealing with a breakup ranks among one of the most difficult moments of our lives. But there are ways to make sure you come out stronger.

Hamilton dating - finding lasting love in the Waikato

Dating in Hamilton doesn’t need to be hard – not when you look in the right places! Meet great Hamilton singles and find hot date ideas with us.