Dunedin dating: looking for love in Otago

Are you dating in Dunedin? Looking for local love? Want to know where to go on that all-important first date? We have the inside scoop!

Terms of endearment: the state of romance in New Zealand

Are you a babe, a honey or a darling? You've got one of New Zealand's favourite pet names! Our new survey has uncovered the top term of endearment in each part of the country: discover if your ideal cute nickname made the cut.

Finding love is easier when you follow these 4 steps

Do you dream of finding love but find it hard to get started? Kick-start your search with these four steps!

The ex-files: should you take them back or move on?

What happens when you break up with someone you still have feelings for? Our latest survey asked Kiwis about making up and breaking up, and looked at leading relationship advice to discover if it's better to take your ex back or move on.

Valentine’s day ideas: tops tips for love on the 14th of Feb

Single? Looking for love? Part of a couple? Whatever your situation we have Valentine's Day ideas that can help you find love and enjoy the 14th of Feb!

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How to move on: coping when a relationship ends

Accepting life without your ex is a key part of getting ready to love again. EliteSingles talked to dating expert Lisa Steadman about how to move on.

Love and politics: should they be kept apart?

Does compatibility mean sharing all views, even on personal matters such as political belief? Our latest EliteSingles member survey discovered what Kiwis really think about mixing love and politics.

Online dating? First message dos and dont's

When online dating, first messages can be tricky. EliteSingles found the four tricks that can help you to improve your messaging skills and find online dating success.