How to take better profile photos - the expert class

If your profile photos are getting you nowhere - or if you've given up on uploading photos completely - then you need to read this. Expert advice from photographer Toby Aiken teaches you to master the perfect shot - and show you why having the right profile photos is so important for better online dating!

The science of love: shining a light on neuromance

The human brain is full of secrets - especially when it come to the mysteries of love! To get some insight, we talked to renowned evolutionary anthropologist Helen Fisher to find out more about the neuro-science of love

Love at the movies: New Zealand's 10 most beloved rom-coms

We asked 200 Kiwi members of EliteSingles to pick their favourite rom-coms; with their help we've narrowed it down to a top 10. Presenting NZ's 10 most beloved rom-coms of all time – with video clips of our favourite scenes!

The best online dating tips – all of our top expert advice

At EliteSingles we get to discover amazing online dating tips from the experts: dating coaches, relationship experts and academic studies. Here are our absolute favourites, now in easy to find format – follow these steps help you find online success!

Dealing with rejection: How to stop the pain of being rebuffed

Dealing with rejection is never easy. But knowing why we hurt can help. EliteSingles psychologist Salama Marine gives insight into why we as humans are programmed to feel rejection - and offers her tips for dealing with the pain and moving on.

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Tauranga dating: finding love in the land of plenty

Wanting to explore the Tauranga dating scene? EliteSingles delves into some of Tauranga’s best date ideas – and helps you find local singles to explore them with.

How to find a match: quality vs. quantity

Ever thought about what it takes to find a match? How much choice do you need to find long-term love? EliteSingles looks at the paradox of choice and what it can mean for online dating.

How to encourage emotional intimacy in your relationship

Emotional intimacy is often touted as the essential tool to building a happy, healthy, committed partnership. But what is it exactly? And how can you encourage it in your relationships?