Dunedin dating: looking for love in Otago

Are you dating in Dunedin? Looking for local love? Want to know where to go on that all-important first date? We have the inside scoop!

The 10 rules of office romance etiquette

EliteSingles psychologist Wiebke Neberich shares her thoughts on the proper etiquette for workplace romance.

How to impress a date – with your home!

They say home is where the heart is, but could your home be causing heartbreak? Just in time for the return of The Block, an EliteSingles survey shed some light on the best ways to impress a date with your home (and revealed the biggest decor don'ts!)

Creating trust in a relationship: 4 ways to build a better bond

Lasting trust is the key to lasting love. Want expert advice for building that sort of trust in a relationship? Try these four great tips from EliteSingles psychologist Salama Marine.

The ex-files: should you take them back or move on?

What happens when you break up with someone you still have feelings for? Our latest survey asked Kiwis about making up and breaking up, and looked at leading relationship advice to discover if it's better to take your ex back or move on.

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Three common relationship problems (and how to fix them!)

Relationship problems are very common but, left to stew, they can cause ongoing issues for even the happiest couples. Learn about three common issue to watch out for here - and learn how to fix them with expert advice from EliteSingles psychologist Salama Marine!

Am I in love? How to know if it's love or infatuation

Asking yourself the question 'am I in love?' We've combed through the expert advice and designed an insightful quiz that can help you decide if it's love or infatuation.

Reconsidering infidelity: understanding why people cheat

Do men cheat because of testosterone and women because they are bored? Or is the situation a lot more nuanced than that? We looked at the latest theories about why people cheat, and discovered that it's perhaps time to reconsider the motivations for infidelity...