13 lessons in love from the most famous couples in history

By paying a visit to some of the most famous couples in history, can we learn how to build successful relationships in the present?

Am I in love? How to know if it's love or infatuation

Asking yourself the question 'am I in love?' We've combed through the expert advice and designed an insightful quiz that can help you decide if it's love or infatuation.

Long distance relationships: when true love took on SH1

Met the perfect match but worried about the impact of long distance relationships? That didn’t stop this couple! This is the story of how two of our NZ members found real love, right here on EliteSingles.

Reconsidering infidelity: understanding why people cheat

Do men cheat because of testosterone and women because they are bored? Or is the situation a lot more nuanced than that? We looked at the latest theories about why people cheat, and discovered that it's perhaps time to reconsider the motivations for infidelity...

How to have the perfect coffee date: 5 steps to success

Is the coffee date the perfect way to get to know someone you've encountered online? According to our latest survey, the answer might just be yes! In honour of International Coffee Day on the 1st October, we've found the 5 steps you need to follow to make your next coffee date flawless.

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Romantic dinner ideas: how to cook with love

Are you looking for romantic dinner ideas? EliteSingles is here to help. We've got expert advice from MKR NZ's Jessie and Ricki that's ideal for helping you to keep calm and cook on - discover your recipe for romantic success!

25 songs about missing someone you love

What are the best songs to listen to when you miss someone you love? Here's our definitive playlist of songs to help you through the heartache.

Can your favourite TV show make you more attractive?

Can your taste in TV make you more attractive? The 200 Kiwi singles we surveyed say yes! Does binge watching a show make for a great date night? Find out what NZ singles think the hottest TV show is - and why you should never admit to liking Shortland Street!