Crave a stronger relationship? Learn the 5 Love Languages

Whether you're in a new relationship, an established partnership or just looking for love, the key to lasting success is good communication. But where to start? For many, it's with Gary Chapman's Five Love Languages. Click here to learn how they can make your love stronger, today.

How to get over your ex: it starts with emotional availability

Feeling heartbroken? In this exclusive guest post, relationship coach Rachel Russo reveals how to get over your ex and make yourself emotionally available for better online dating.

The 'does he love me' quiz - how to know if he's into you

Ever found yourself wondering 'is he into me'? Take our short quiz and find out once and for all!

Online dating? First message dos and dont's

When online dating, first messages can be tricky. EliteSingles found the four tricks that can help you to improve your messaging skills and find online dating success.

The perfect dating profile: maximise your success!

Your dating profile is crucial to your future relationship success. What can you do to present yourself in the best light?

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Terms of endearment: the state of romance in New Zealand

Are you a babe, a honey or a darling? You've got one of New Zealand's favourite pet names! Our new survey has uncovered the top term of endearment in each part of the country: discover if your ideal cute nickname made the cut.

What to wear on a first date: our top tips for looking great!

Wondering what to wear on a first date? Look no further. We've got date outfit tips for both women and men to help you look - and feel - great on your next first date.

Finding a dating agency – why EliteSingles is the smart choice

Choosing a dating agency can be a difficult decision. Here’s why EliteSingles is a natural choice for singles searching for a meaningful relationship.