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If you want to date a single parent, you have to impress their kids

With Single Parents’ Day coming up on March 21st, EliteSingles’ researchers set out to explore New Zealand’s opinions on single parenthood and dating.

  • 90% of Kiwi singles have no qualms dating someone with kids
  • 75% of single mums whose children are under 18 say they’d only date someone their kids approved of. Only 58% of single dads in the same situation agree.
  • 44% of parents with adult children want their kids’ approval when it comes to dating
  • Single dads are more likely than single mums to get their kids’ help with online dating
  • Single mums are more likely than single dads to seek their child’s advice before a date

Reassuringly for single mums and dads, our study of 300 Kiwis revealed that 90% of respondents would have no qualms dating someone with children, challenging the misconception that the dating scene doesn’t accommodate single parents. What’s more, 69% of singles agreed that having a positive relationship with a partner’s children makes them love their partner more.

75% of single mums, 56% of dads want their kids’ approval before dating someone

If you’re the one dating a single parent, be ready to put some effort into impressing their kids – 68% of parents with children younger than 18 would want their seal of approval before getting deeply involved with a partner. Parents with grown-up children aren’t as rigid: just 44% want their children’s approval, while 56% agree with the statement: ”It’s none of my children’s business who I date.”

On the whole, though, it’s single mums who are much more influenced by their children’s opinion, with 75% of those who parent under-18 year olds saying they wouldn’t date someone unless their children liked them. Only 58% of men surveyed shared the same attitude.

93% of single parents say it’s vital that their kids and their new partner do bonding activities

The research also reveals that the majority of single parents (78%) would wait until in a serious partnership to introduce their kids to their new partner. Once introduced, the bonding begins: a huge 93% of Kiwis say that doing family activities with a partner’s children and their own plays a crucial part in building a stronger relationship.

Single dads more likely than single mums to seek their kids’ help online

Single fathers are more likely than single mothers to seek their kids’ help when dating online. When writing a dating profile, 23% of dads would want their child’s advice (compared with 20% of mums).

When it comes to offline dating however, single mothers are the ones happiest to seek help from the kids – 32% of single mums would ask their kids for general advice on what to wear and where to go, compared with 26% of single dads.

For more on this study, including insights from our in-house psychologist Salama Marine, please see our in-depth article

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