New Study: Does liking Shortland Street make you less attractive?

Our newest survey has revealed some dismal news for Ferndale fans: 48% of Kiwi singles think that liking Shortland Street makes you less attractive.

  • 66% of NZ singles think that having the ‘right’ taste in TV makes you more interesting
  • 48% would be turned off by someone liking Shortland Street
  • 29% would be attracted to someone who likes The Big Bang Theory
  • More than half of singles want to binge watch TV on a date
  • Men are more interested in watching romance than women

The study, which looked at data from 200 NZ singles aged 18-69, wanted to see if someone’s choice in TV can have an impact on their love life. The answer was yes: 66% of New Zealanders think that having the right taste in TV makes you a more interesting person to date.

Having the right taste in TV

So what is the right taste in TV? In NZ, the most popular answer starts with a big bang: 29% of Kiwi singles think that liking The Big Bang Theory makes you more attractive. This is followed by Game of Thrones at 23% and NCIS at 22%.

The wrong taste table is dominated by Shortland Street – 48% think that being a Ferndale fan makes someone less attractive. Other TV turn-offs include The Walking Dead at 35% and Modern Family at 18%.

Binge watching: the new must-do date night

The survey also revealed that TV shows can have an impact on romance itself, with over half of NZ singles wanting to binge-watch TV on a date. 30-39 are the most-keen group with 63% being in favour, followed by 18-29 year olds at 60%, 40-49 year olds at 51%, 50-59 year olds at 51%, and 60-69 year olds at 54%.

But what show should you stream? Kiwi men and women were somewhat divided on the issue: while 45% of men and 38% of women would choose a comedy as their top date-night genre, men’s next favourite genre is romance (23%), followed by fantasy (11%), while women prefer to temper their comedy with fantasy (21%) and with thrillers (13%).

Netflix and chill: the celebrity edition

The men and women in the survey were also asked about the TV hunks and small screen babes they’d most like to cuddle up to for a long, hard binge watch.

Kiwi men’s favourite TV temptress is Kaley Cuoco (Penny, The Big Bang Theory), followed by Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen, Game of Thrones) and Antonia Prebble (Rita West, Westside).

For Kiwi women, the most-wanted TV celebrity is Kit Harrington (Jon Snow, Game of Thrones), followed by Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock) and Robbie Magasiva (Will Jackson, Wentworth).

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