Kiwi blokes reveal their softer sides in time for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, a new survey of 500 New Zealanders has revealed that the Kiwi attitudes towards love and romance are more sentimental than you might think.

  • Nearly half of Kiwi men would be ready to say ‘I love you’ after one month of dating
  • Just 32% of women would be on the same schedule
  • 99% of women and 97% of men want to celebrate Valentine’s Day
  • Women’s most-wanted present is flowers, while men hope for something homemade

A new survey from dating site has revealed some unexpected news for those who still believe in the taciturn Kiwi bloke stereotype: not only are Kiwi men happy to celebrate Valentine’s Day, they are surprisingly quick off the mark to say ‘I love you.’

In fact, 45% of the men surveyed would be happy using the L word after just a month of dating someone (with 6% willing to trade ‘I love yous’ after a single week). Women, meanwhile, prefer a slightly slower pace: only 32% will use the word love at the one-month mark (2% after a week).

This willingness to embrace all things love extends to Valentine’s Day, with 97% of men and 99% of women admitting that their ideal February 14th would involve romantic plans. The majority of both men (42%) and women (47%) see themselves celebrating in a restaurant, but men are also keen to create a romantic evening at home: 37% want to stay in and throw a more intimate celebration, complete with wine, candles and DVDs. However, that’s a plan that just 24% of women agree with!

When it comes to Valentine’s Day presents, Kiwi men again show themselves to be the more sentimental sex, with the majority preferring homemade, thoughtful treats (or even nothing) to a commercially produced gift. The majority of Kiwi women, meanwhile, are hoping for flowers on the 14th – but, seeing as they also appreciate something homemade, would-be suitors should perhaps opt for some hand-picked blooms rather than the traditional dozen red roses.

Kiwi men’s top three most-wanted Valentine’s presents

  1. Something homemade (36%)
  2. Nothing (22%)
  3. Chocolate (16%)

Kiwi women’s top three most-wanted Valentine’s presents

  1. Flowers (40%)
  2. Something homemade (22%)
  3. Jewellery (18%)

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