NZ Dating: the search for local love

If you are among the many singles looking for love in NZ, dating may not always seem easy – but hope is out there: the trick is simply to start your search in the right place. Indeed, with a site like EliteSingles, it is easier than ever to find local love on your wavelength. All you need to do is join us today! Alternatively, read on to discover why EliteSingles is the right choice for Kiwis wanting more from love.

Single life in NZ:

New Zealand might not be the biggest country on earth but, surely, it is one of the prettiest. From icy glaciers to hot sand beaches, from bustling cities to forests full of birdsong, New Zealand has a global reputation as being a virtual slice of heaven.

Unsurprisingly, New Zealanders themselves are also viewed positively, being known far and wide as a pretty friendly bunch; always there with a joke, a smile or a ‘good on ya, mate.’ What may be more surprising is just how many of these convivial, friendly Kiwis are single – recent figures show only 57% of Kiwis aged 16+ live with a committed partner!1 In other words, if you are single and dating in New Zealand, you are in very good company!     

New Zealand dating culture:

Of course, while it is one thing to know that there are plenty of single people out there,  meeting them is quite another! Successful, professional New Zealanders tend to invest a lot of time in their work and any extra leisure time is often spent in the company of friends and family. After all, not everyone is built to spend their leisure time looking for a partner in NZ’s various bars and clubs!  It is hardly surprising, then, that Kiwi men and women are getting smart and, increasingly, turning to the wide world of online dating to find love.


New Zealand

Why try NZ dating with EliteSingles?

As it happens, there are several options for those looking to try online dating in New Zealand. The only thing is, with sites catering for everything from lonely farmers to lovelorn vegetarians, it can be hard to decide what NZ dating site is right for you. Of course, if you find yourself single, successful and desirous of a long-term relationship, there is perhaps one site that might just stand above the rest…

Kiwi singles on your wavelength:

The typical EliteSingles member is someone with high standards – in work, in love and in life. Often successful and highly educated, our members come from a range of backgrounds and from locations across New Zealand but, nevertheless, they have one major thing in common: they are looking for long-term love with someone truly like-minded.  Our members are on EliteSingles to look for a genuine, loving commitment – our job is to help them find it.

In depth matchmaking; long-term love:

We want to ensure that every EliteSingles match is based on long-term compatibility. When we suggest potential matches between our members, it is because we think their pairing has a real chance of becoming something wonderful. We establish this compatibility by basing our matchmaking technique on three distinct criteria: New Zealand location, user personality and relationship preferences. These combine to give us a clear idea of our members and what they want; creating a formula that has already helped many happy Kiwi couples find love.

Expert NZ dating advice and a secure, supportive service:

As well as our dedication to creating genuine matches, we have a commitment to customer security, offering up-to-date Fraud Detection Systems, IWD Authentication, Manual Profile Verification and SSL Encryption as standard across our site.

Additionally, our user support system includes our magazine, which features expert NZ dating advice (including exclusive tips from our Partner Psychologist, Sam Owen). This means that, whether you are after advice on finding the perfect match, looking for local NZ dating recommendations, or simply wanting ways to have a better first date, you can find it all here, on EliteSingles.

Dating in New Zealand? EliteSingles is the right choice for Kiwis who want more from love. Join us today!