9 fun double date ideas (that aren’t bowling!)

Group on a double date

If you’re considering dipping a toe into the dating pool and you’re feeling a little apprehensive, you needn’t fret. There are plenty of ways to get around those pre-rendezvous jitters, and one of the best methods is to double up on your date. And, with our pick of the best double date ideas, you’ll never be short on fun.

Lassoing yourself a couple of loved-up friends and towing them along on your next romantic outing is the perfect way to turn down the pressure on your date, especially if it’s early on in the relationship. Basking in the appreciative presence of your friends can help you relax and let your personality shine through. In a group, the dynamic is shifted away from the oft-stifling ‘stare at each other across a spaghetti bowl’ romantic dinner date, to one that’s more relaxed, fun and casual.

Once you’ve cherry picked an accompanying couple that you can be sure will offer empathetic laugher at even your most lacklustre jokes, it’s time to decide what the activity will be. To help you along, we’ve assembled compiled some of the very best double date ideas out there. Happy dating!

If you’ve flicked through the above, then by now you’ll hopefully be bubbling over with exciting and original double date ideas. And if you’re currently lacking a date? Grab life by the horns, join EliteSingles, and put yourself out there! You never know who’ll come your way…

EliteSingles editorial August 2017

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