How to impress a date – with your home renovation skills!

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The Block NZ is back! And that means a whole lot of Kiwis are about to come down with a serious case of DIY and renovation fever. As it turns out, the timing couldn’t be better – for our new survey¹ has revealed that two thirds of Kiwi singles (68 per cent) would consider breaking up with someone due to a dull or dingy home…

So, if you’re looking for love, it is vital to make sure that your living space is up to scratch. But before you grab your toolbox, take a minute to read the rest of our survey: we polled 400 Kiwi singles to find out the decor do’s and don’ts that will help you impress a date with your home.

The five decor do’s: how to make your home attractive

In our survey, 38 per cent of Kiwi singles revealed that they think it’s possible to be attracted to someone just because their decor style is spectacular. So what does spectacular style look like? Here are the best ways to impress a Kiwi single with your home, based on the household features that New Zealanders find most attractive:

1. Be well-equipped (in the kitchen that is!)

To impress a Kiwi, you must first step up your game in the kitchen. 37 per cent of singles say that they’re attracted to someone with fancy kitchen – and there’s extra bonus points if you use all your flash gadgets to cook your date a romantic dinner!

2. Introduce your pets

33 per cent of singles would swoon for someone with a pet, making furry friends the second-most attractive household addition. It doesn’t matter if you have a dog, a cat or a goldfish; in our animal-loving nation we just like those who are pet-friendly.

3. Hang some pictures

Another way to impress Kiwi singles with your home is to fill it with personal touches – elegant art and family photos in particular. If you decorate your home with either of these items, you’ll be popular with 30 per cent of those surveyed.

4. Stuff your bookshelves

In a previous EliteSingles survey, we revealed that 60 per cent of Kiwis want to date an avid reader, while 90 per cent of us read for pleasure. It’s little wonder, then, that bulging bookshelves were considered attractive by those surveyed, capturing 25 per cent of the vote.

5. Clean that bathroom!

Kiwis also weighed in on the prep work that you must do to impress a date with your home. They were emphatic: mess is not to be tolerated! In fact, 72 per cent of singles would rather date a neat freak than a slob. And the most important room to clean? The bathroom. 40 per cent of New Zealanders think that scrubbing the loo is the most vital pre date step.

The decor don’ts: quirks that put Kiwi men and women off

More than two in three Kiwis would consider ditching someone due to an unwelcoming home, but what does that mean exactly? It turns out that men and women are quite divided on the issue! Here’s a heads up on the worst ugly-house offenders:

What women hate: A home devoid of furniture

The number one biggest household no-no for Kiwi women was a bare bachelor pad, one with ”no furniture, just a matress.” In fact, a huge 62 per cent of women say that an empty-looking flat is their greatest decor fear. Truly, the foulness of a solitary futon cannot be overestimated, meaning that those men whose apartments are an exercise in bare minimalism may want to go shopping before their next big date.

What men hate: Stuffed animals and motivational notes

Kiwi men couldn’t decide on just one decor don’t. In fact, they came up with two things that they hate seeing in a date’s home: stuffed animals and motivational notes. That’s right, if you’ve got a bloke coming around, it might be time to stick Mr Bear in the back of the cupboard: 26 per cent of men can’t stand the sight of him. Equally, save those affirmations for the mirror – 25 per cent of men are not impressed by urges to ‘be yourself’ or to ‘dream big’.

How to impress a date with your home

The return of The Block is an inspiring time for DIY enthusiasts. That said, having someone coming over to see your work can be nerve-wracking, especially in a new relationship. But, with these top tips from EliteSingles, you’ll know how to dazzle your date. Have you given your place a homey touch with personal items and a lived-in, loved, furnished feeling? Have you put away your childhood things? Most importantly, have you cleaned the loo? Yes? Then don’t worry. Your house is dressed to impress.

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EliteSingles Editorial October 2015

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1 All percentages from the EliteSingles ‘Dating and Decorating’ survey, 2015. Data collected from 419 New Zealand based participants. Percentages may not equal 100 due to rounding.

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