Romantic date ideas: find someone special this summer

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Break out the frujus, fire up the barbie and dust off your jandals – hot weather is on its way! We all know that a Kiwi summer is hard to top, but the icing on the cake (or pavlova) is surely finding someone fantastic to share it with. If you are looking for a summer romance that lasts, EliteSingles can help.

Indeed, there’s no time like the present to get started: simply register below! Or, if you’ve already met your potential match on our site, read on – these romantic date ideas are the perfect way to get to know someone better this summer.

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Flirting up a storm

Summer really is a great time for singles in search of love, and one chief reason is that sunny days make us more receptive to flirtation. In one study, 22.4% of women were prepared to give their number out to a stranger when the weather was warm. When the study was repeated in the cold, this number dropped to just 13.9%.1 This suggests that the summer is the perfect time to send a flirty first message or even to ask out that special someone – all that blue, unclouded weather leaves them extra likely to say yes. Once you have that yes, of course, the summer fun can really begin!

Making the most of the sunshine

One suggested reason for this summer openness is that it is related to the effect that sunshine can have on mood. In studies, sunlight has been linked to increased levels of serotonin and Vitamin D, leaving people feeling happier, healthier and more optimistic.1,2 With other research concluding that people are most attracted to healthy, happy, optimistic singles;3 it would seem that getting out in the sunshine is a great way to boost your love life. Happily, New Zealand is full of sunshine rich, romantic date ideas: from boat-trips in Auckland to peninsula sightseeing in Dunedin, the vital thing is to get out and enjoy the summer. Just make sure to use adequate sun protection (the sunburned lobster look is not attractive on anyone!).

Getting outdoors (even if you’re allergic!)

As the above points show, getting out and about in the summer can definitely give your love life a boost. Perhaps that’s why one of the classic romantic date ideas involves a blanket on the grass, a picnic/bottle of wine and watching the sun set. It all sounds wonderful – until someone’s seasonal allergies kick in! An ingenuous way to get around itchy grass comes from romance tipsters The Dating Divas:5 instead of putting your blankets directly on the ground, inflate a kiddie pool in your garden and fill that with blankets and pillows instead. It’s the perfect way to experience sunsets and balmy starlight, all while avoiding ants and grass stains. Ingenious!

Embracing the festive season, Kiwi style

Overall, we are pretty lucky here in Aotearoa when it comes to summer dating. Our southern hemisphere Christmases mean that traditional festive celebrations go hand in hand with summer activities and, as a result, the country is awash with romantic date ideas come December. Embracing the silly season makes for a fun date – simply head for Coca Cola Christmas in the Park or to Carols by Candlelight for an atmospheric, genial evening. Just make sure to get inspiration from our seasonal Spotify® playlist first!:

Alternatively, you may wish to opt out of the Yuletide pressure by having a fun double date at an outdoor movie screening, festival or even a free concert – check your local council’s listings for a schedule.

Dating during a New Zealand summer is really all about being spoiled for choice. If you are ready to try the many romantic date ideas on offer with someone really like-minded, then join EliteSingles today!

EliteSingles editorial, November 2014.

If you have any romantic date ideas you would like to share, let us know below or write to us at [email protected]


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