Introducing Sam Owen: relationship psychologist!

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A warm welcome to psychologist and Relationship Coach Sam Owen

Hi Sam, could you briefly introduce yourself?

Hi everyone! Sam Owen, here. Best known as a relationship coach, psychologist and author, frequently sought as a relationship expert by mainstream media and large corporations with clients including BBC TV, ITV, UKTV, BBC Radio, Kenco, Telegraph, Micron Technology, Kimberly-Clark, and many more. I am also proud to be EliteSingles ‘Partner Psychologist’.

People describe me as sincere, motivational, warm and down to earth. I love helping people, love my clients and aim to help shape the relationship coaching industry.

Is there a ‘Sam Owen style’ for helping people with their love lives?

Certainly! I use an integrated approach that combines neuropsychology, behavioural psychology, counselling skills, coaching techniques and modern research! One size does not fit all so it’s imperative for me to use body language and intuition to know what will work best for each individual client. I firmly believe that simple solutions work best and that’s how I want to help the world at large, by simplifying things for them in a world of information and pressure overload.

I am driven to help my clients in as few sessions as possible (I help most clients in just 4-12 sessions) because who doesn’t want something that’s going to produce life-changing results, quickly! It’s probably fair to say that my clients detect the genuine love I have for them and this warmth and my uplifting approach are two of the reasons for my success rate.

What percentage of your clients come to you for help with their love lives?

At least 50 per cent. Many come for other reasons, too, but even then they often come with the intention of indirectly improving their romantic relationship or love life as a result of resolving other concerns.

Do you take much from your personal life and apply it to your job?

Ha-aa, definitely and inevitably. I’ve always been fascinated by, and sensitive to, human behaviour and relationships. Doing what I do, I can’t help but notice behaviours, undercurrents and body language wherever I am, often innately, whether in person or online.

People have always been drawn towards discussing their relationships and other personal problems with me, even strangers, and not even long after meeting me! I also come from a large family with many personalities and dynamics, and personally, I’m quite extraverted so real-life is definitely a source for learning and inspiration.

What most inspires you about psychology and what is the most fulfilling aspect of your job as a relationship coach?

What inspires me most about psychology is that it’s an ever evolving field in the quest of understanding the human psyche which is integral to everything we do. The more we learn, the better we can use the mind and body for personal gains and to help mankind at large.

The fulfilment I get from my work is immense and varied. To mention a few, I love helping people to get in the driving seat of their life and become happy, healthy, optimistic and buoyant. Many clients come truly alive after coaching as they switch off the auto-pilot and clear the mist obscuring the windows. It brings me great joy to help people in such a rapid, empowering and life-changing way. To watch my clients get that glint in their eye, often just in the space of our first 60 minutes session together is really special. I am humbled that they trust me and open up to me and show me so much respect. To know that I have saved and significantly improved people’s relationships and marriages, enabled people to overcome psychological and resulting physical health problems, prevented divorce and broken homes, and helped prevent future psychological issues, are rewards like no other!

What are the biggest misconceptions about love in the modern day?

That marriage is no longer as viable in the modern day, that monogamy or non-serial monogamy are outdated concepts, that marriage is no different to co-habiting, and that long-winded and complicated solutions are necessary for resolving long-standing and acute relationship problems. I love showing the world how and why these misconceptions are just that, misconceptions, and how these very concepts are actually causing people more heartache. I want to help people undo that heartache by addressing these modern issues on a global scale.

Do you routinely encounter people making the same kinds of mistakes when looking for love/a happy relationship?

There are certainly some common errors but often there is also some sort of idiosyncratic, unidentified barrier that prevents them from attaining their goal.

What are you looking forward to most about working with EliteSingles?

Helping people achieve their dating goals and find lasting love, educating the world through EliteSingles, and aiding an attitude shift so that my fellow men feel optimistic and become proactive in achieving their dating and relationship goals.

Thanks, Sam!

EliteSingles editorial, September 2014.

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